QuickBooks Tips & Resources – Part 2

For those QuickBooks users out there who follow the blog, last week we took a look at some tips from the QuickBooks Specialists blog by Ruth Perryman, a QuickBooks guru if there ever was one. Today, I’d like to look at a few that I’ve enjoyed from QuickBooks and Your Business, by Shannon Tucker. A […]

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QuickBooks Tips & Resources

  Seeing how popular QuickBooks is across the country, it should come as no surprise that posts that contain tips or information about the do-it-yourself accounting program are some of our most read posts. This month since I’m focusing primarily on QuickBooks and the many facets of how it can work for your company, I’m […]

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Natural Gas powered vehicles gain popularity in U.S.

Having recently moved to Winston-Salem, North Carolina, I can’t help but notice all the bright green, “We’re powered by natural gas” public transportation buses that crisscross the city all day. It’s a phenomenon growing across the country as more and more heavy-duty and consumer vehicles are turning to natural gas fuel sources instead of diesel […]

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