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EPA under fire after Regional Administrator’s comments cause public to question agency’s impartiality

  Senator Inhofe’s House address last week regarding an EPA Regional Administrator’s comments to “crucify” the oil and gas industry to make an example shook the industry over the weekend. In a 2010 town hall meeting in Dish, Texas, Region VI Administrator Al Armendariz gave a crude analogy regarding “crucifixion” to explain of how the […]

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Will clean energy appear on our horizon soon?

Leading energy-decision makers from 23 countries convened yesterday in London for the third annual Clean Energy Ministerial to work together to advance clean energy technology on a global scale, including the U.S. Energy Department’s Secretary Steven Chu. While I agree with most in the oil and gas industry that the clean energy initiatives will take […]

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QuickBooks Tips & Resources – Part 2

For those QuickBooks users out there who follow the blog, last week we took a look at some tips from the QuickBooks Specialists blog by Ruth Perryman, a QuickBooks guru if there ever was one. Today, I’d like to look at a few that I’ve enjoyed from QuickBooks and Your Business, by Shannon Tucker. A […]

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QuickBooks Tips & Resources

  Seeing how popular QuickBooks is across the country, it should come as no surprise that posts that contain tips or information about the do-it-yourself accounting program are some of our most read posts. This month since I’m focusing primarily on QuickBooks and the many facets of how it can work for your company, I’m […]

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