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3 Reasons to Integrate Oil & Gas Software with QuickBooks

When considering accounting software for your oil and gas company, what makes the decision to integrate your internal software with Quickbooks® accounting software a good one? A Quickbooks integrated software solution makes sense for your business when your accountant or bookkeeper uses Quickbooks, when Quickbooks is required for governmental reporting, or when key players use […]

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Oil & Gas Accounting 101 – Chart of Accounts

Accounting for Oil & Gas requires a good set of accounts which are used to keep track of all accounting activities. This list of accounts is called the “Chart of Accounts” and will be every account needed for oil & gas operations accounting. There are two main sections of the chart of accounts, which are, Balance Sheet accounts and […]

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Oil & Gas Accounting 101 – Accounts

Oil & Gas accounting isn’t that difficult to understand. Accounting is accounting, so the first step in learning oil & gas accounting is to understand accounting. Accounts The basic element in accounting is an account. Accounts are how transactions are grouped and collected. For instance, Cash could be an account. This account could represent a […]

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New technology may change fracking debate

New technology may change the face of hydraulic fracturing – and it couldn’t come at a better time. Amidst heated debates across the country regarding hydraulic fracturing, waterless hydraulic fracturing claims to offer oil and gas companies an alternative to traditional hydraulic fracturing that is environmentally friendly and cost-effective. GasFrac, a Calgary-based company, is paving […]

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