5 Resources You Don’t Want to Ignore When Starting with SherWare

At SherWare our goal is to help you run distributions accurately and quickly from the time you start with us. Here are five resources we’ve created to help you get software support quickly.

Getting Started Guide:

The first tool we recommend starting with is our step-by-step getting started guide. This succinct guide walks you through the process from installation to printing checks after completing your first distributions.

Consulting Sessions:

Clients who purchase at the professional or enterprise levels receive free consulting sessions with our lead support member. These online trainings coincide with the install, setup, entry, and processing tasks as the user works through them for the first time. On each call, the user’s progress is reviewed to make sure you’re on the right track and have time to get any questions answered. Guidance is given for the next few tasks that will need to be completed prior to the next session. This has proven to be an invaluable experience for new users as they quickly achieve a confidence in the setup and processing of their distributions.

Help File:

Our built-in Help File offers an organized explanation for every window and field within the software. Accessed by pressing F1 on any screen, the Help File gives topical explanations of various processes handled in SherWare. This allows the user to quickly identify what each window and field is used for. The Help File represents the information that would normally be in a User Manual. Many tips, tricks, and shortcuts can be learned when skimming through the information provided within.

Video Tutorials:

Our video tutorial database offer short videos that walk you through to complete common tasks within the software. They provide a visual learning experience for those that don’t enjoy digging into the written documentation as much. You can see the software in action as various tasks are explained.


Rated as the best in the industry, our support staff  is available to answer support questions through phone, e-mail or via chat, depending on what level of support you feel suits your needs. Simply call or email SherWare support with any questions that you have and they will be happy to give you a timely answer. While the other resources are helpful, sometimes you just need to talk to someone for validation or direction.

With all of the tools available you can be confident in an efficient and accurate transition into SherWare.

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