Invest in Oil & Gas Accounting Software that Scales With Your Growth

When looking for new oil & gas accounting software, select a program that will scale with your company.  Here is a short list of characteristics that indicate a software program will scale with the growth of your company.


Flexible programs with many options and features allows you to handle many different situations. A rigid program limits data entry, processing, and corrections. These limitations will force you to change your process or handle special situations outside the program.

If the program offers optional modules, they allow you to add additional features needed as you grow.

Network Capability

Select software that can be installed on a server and workstations. You’ll also want a solid security process that allows multiple users with access to designated areas of the software is necessary.

Growing companies are often adding new employees, which results in a need for additional computers with access to the distribution.

Learning Curve

New employees need to be brought up to speed quickly to run the distributions. Select a software that offers a variety of platforms for training and support.

General video tutorials give an overview of the program.

Help Files and manuals allow a new user to dig into the depths of a particular feature.

Live web training provides one on one discussion with an expert guiding the trainee through the setup process.

On-Site training helps when a group is being trained, but it is often costly and not as effective as several live web training.

A knowledgeable support desk allows you to quickly resolve any questions or issues that come up.

Seek out a software that provides most of these tools for smooth transitions as new employees are added.


Unique deals in the oil and gas industry create challenges that no software program or process would have ever dreamt up. Some software companies are willing to create custom processes and reports for just your company.

A willingness to work with the user and create custom processes will assure you that you will be able to tackle any new challenges that appear.

An advanced reporting module gives you the ability to create your own reports is also a key feature for growing companies.

Find out if SherWare’s oil & gas accounting software is exactly what you need to grow your business.


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