5 Best Oil & Gas Blogs to Follow

Does catching up on current events that aren’t promoted on your Facebook newsfeed or highlighted on the the radio seem like a luxury? Blogs are where I usually turn to to decompress, but honestly, the oil and gas industry doesn’t have many interesting bloggers right now. Instead, here’s a list of the top five sites for the oil and gas industry. Each site has pros and cons, but will give you a variety of places to find current events, trends and analysis of what’s happening in the oil and gas industry.

SmartBrief Energy & Chemicals

I love this site as a source for oil and gas trends and news because it not only collects from 200+ e-mail newsletters and trade associations, but it’s content that is relative to what’s going on today in the United States.

Pros: This site gives you the headline and the first paragraph of the article – so you can either browse the main page to see what catches your eye, or click on the link for the full article. If I’m browsing blogs, it’s because I have a short amount of time and need a mind break – so I don’t want to spend my time following links.

Cons: I can’t think of any! I really like this site to quickly get an idea of what’s going on across the board.

Oil & Gas Journal

The Oil & Gas Journal is a go-to place to find articles, white papers and analysis on the industry at every stage of the production process – from exploration and drilling to refining and processing and pipelines and transportation.

Pros: This site really hits all facets of the oil and gas industry so it’s not only relevant to the downstream but the upstream sector as well. It also probably has the most research and articles that highlight trends, facts and data analysis as opposed to straight news articles.

Cons: The majority of articles require subscription to access the highly-detailed articles, but you can also sign up for weekly e-newsletters too.

Energy Industry Today

A website that collects energy related articles and aggregates them from a myriad of sources. These articles will tend to be broader world-view oil and gas news such as: “OPEC to keep ‘no output cut’ policy” and “Oil Price Forecast: Could Iran Deal Push Prices Higher?”

Pros: Registration is free for a majority of the articles and you can search for feeds that contain exactly what type of news you’re interested in.

Cons: The site only lists headlines so you have to click and read a bit to get a good synopsis of the article.

Google Alert for Oil Industry News

Google alerts are great for many reasons – but the news feature is like Google search on steroids. I love that it collects the most recent news articles and gives images and a brief synopsis right in my Google page.

Pros: It’s produced by Google – so its user experience is easy, intuitive and one click away if you already use Google for searching for news anyways. It also contains a variety of articles from all locations – not just the top stories run over and over on the same page.

Cons: If you’re looking for insight into the oil and gas industry – this isn’t the place to start. This feed is strictly going to be news stories pulled from the web.

ExxonMobil Perspectives

Yes, this is put out by a huge oil conglomerate, but I think its opinion pieces and perspectives on issues the industry is facing today such as fracking, global oil markets and energy topics in general is not only informative but interesting to read.

Pros: It’s not a curated content site for news like the others. Here is a place where you’ll get a little bit on insight into what top energy industry leaders and experts in the field think on timely topics.

Cons: It’s not a neutral site because it’s put out by Exxon. But it’s not a place where they overtly promote their business -and even if they did, it’s their site, right?

Where are the places you browse to first for headlines regarding the industry? What do I need to add to this list?

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Aby - July 24, 2018

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