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The day has arrived! We’re excited about the new look and think that it will greatly enhance our ability to provide value to our prospective and current clients.

The redesign has been over a year in the making. It’s been a fun process and has stretched us in some ways which I believe are for the better.

We believe we have great oil & gas accounting software and think we should do better about letting the world know about it. 

AM_IconThe Oil & Gas Accounting Manager is our fully integrated, (which means that it has everything in one application), accounting software for oil & gas operators. It includes revenue distribution and joint-interest-billing integrated with all the regular accounting modules like G/L, A/P, A/R and Financial Reporting.


The Disbursement & JIB Manager Integrated Edition is our top selling Quickbooks® integrated revenue dmie-small-icondistribution and joint-interest-billing software. Is uses QuickBooks for the accounting module and posts transactions in real time so that you don’t have to enter data twice. We’re the only oil & gas accounting software company that offers this real time integration.


dm-small-iconWe also have the Disbursement and JIB Manager which is a basic revenue distribution and joint-interest billing application. It has everything needed to create royalty and working interest owner checks as well as billing for expenses. You would use this application if you already have an accounting application in place which doesn’t handle revenue distribution or joint-interest-billing, and you don’t want to switch.


The newest edition to our applications is Well Profits which handles tracking revenue and expenses for oil wp-icon& gas royalty owners and investors. It will also integrate with QuickBooks if you want to keep track of the accounting in QuickBooks but need better reporting at the well/lease level.


We’ve been busy and we’re really excited about this next year! Please check out the site upgrade and let us know what you think.

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Phil Sherwood

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