Texans given updated rules for well construction after Rule 13 amended

As a shout-out to all of our oil and gas friends and clients in Texas, I’m posting this public service announcement reminding everyone that new amendments to Statewide Rule 13 regarding well construction requirements are now in effect as of January 1.

The Texas Railroad Commission, who oversees the activities of the oil and gas industry, as well as other industries, passed the amendments last May in an effort to update and give clarity to operators regarding oil and gas well construction requirements related to casing, drilling, cementing, etc.


According to the Railroad Commission’s press release, “Texas is blessed with an abundance of natural resources, including several prolific shale plays that will continue to fuel an unprecedented growth of exploration and production. It is vital that as the state’s top energy regulator, we update and enhance our rules to continue our agency’s proud legacy of environmental protection and public safety,” said Commissioner David Porter.

A few of the amendments include:

– For wells undergoing hydraulic fracturing treatments, operators are required to pressure test well casings to the maximum pressure expected during the fracture treatment and notify the Commission of a failed test.
– Operators are required to isolate (place cement behind casing) across and above all formations that have a permit for an injection or disposal well within one-quarter mile of a proposed well.
– Operators are required to use air, fresh water or fresh water-based drilling mud until surface casing is set and cemented in a well to protect usable quality groundwater.

To read all of the amendments now in effect see the Texas Railroad Commission website.

For those whom these amendments will affect, what’s the impact? How much was changed and how it will affect your business for good or bad?

Source: SherWare Blog

Phil Sherwood

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