SherWare clients tout favorite oil and gas accounting software


With so many Americans using QuickBooks for their personal and business accounting needs, I thought I’d ask our community of SherWare users to help us out again on a blog post to see what benefits they’ve found in using QuickBooks for business needs. Here are their top 10 benefits of using QuickBooks and top 10 things they like about QuickBooks.

While our oil and gas accounting software package that integrates with QuickBooks is definitely our most popular package, some of our users who have SherWare’s full Accounting Manager package of our software also chimed in with their top 10 reasons why they would go with a fully integrated system for their oil and gas needs.

As always, our users are so insightful. I hope you find some of their responses as helpful as I did in understand the pros and cons of both.

10 Benefits of Using QuickBooks (in no particular order)

1. You can use it for more than one facet of your life for bookkeeping purposes if you have multiple businesses, personal finances, etc.

2. QuickBooks is an industry standard. It’s very easy to use, yet very powerful.

3. The ability you have to drill down on anything from anywhere within the program and get to and edit the source.

4. The simplicity of the program makes it indispensible.

5. Using QuickBooks allows us to give our accountant the information he needs for tax purposes at the end of the year.

6. It’s easy to replace employees if need be, because the software is commonly known and used.

7. “After having used QuickBooks for almost 20 years, it truly is the most user-friendly software on the market. It’s great for professionals, but so self-explanatory that most non-accounting professionals are able to use it easily.”

8. It’s a well tested and very stable program.

9. The biggest benefit is how SherWare and QuickBooks integrate with each other so a person only has to enter their data once and get all the detail they need for the oil and gas side and finance side.

10. Using QuickBooks allows us to process bills not directly related to a well.


10 Things You Love About QuickBooks

1. The ease of use and ability to get help with it

2. The ability to send electronic files to your accountant

3. All the “canned” reports and the ability to modify them on the fly and save them

4. That the program is so portable and accessible – especially with the online version

5. The search and find abilities are superior to any other program

6. “QuickBooks is simple, yet accommodating and ‘intuitive,’ well that’s in their name, no?”

7. Memorized transactions

8. That the program works for multiple companies

9. How flexible the accounting software is to fit so many different types of businesses

10. The quick view of the check register on the home screen

Now for those considering either going with our QuickBooks-compatible software or a fully integrated package, here are what our clients with the Accounting Manager said about why they love the full package.


Five Things We Love About SherWare’s Accounting Manager

1. The Accounting Manager is specific to the industry, has all the proper verbiage, is easy to use and you can always get help from support if/when you need it.

2. Being able to see the well/owner information and look up expenses, write notes about the owners/vendors/wells and everything associated with everything to the well in one system.

3. That the program is fully integrated and gives you more options to create the accounting system at the level of detail and sophistication that is best for you and your company.

4. That everything is processed for you without having to complete additional steps.

5. The Accounting Manager has everything I need to do my job in one place – there’s no need for other software.

Whether you love your QuickBooks accounting software or are looking for something more integrated, there are obviously cheerleaders for both sides that can chime in with their advice. If you’re still deciding between the two, contact us for more information on the products, or download an information packet to help get a feel for which one might be a better fit for you.


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