Why Obama hates the oil and gas industry

Perhaps someone else can explain this conundrum to me. Try as I may, I can’t come to a logical solution despite my best efforts to do research and ferret one out. President Obama has been consistent in one thing during his tenure as president since elected – his disdain for the oil and gas industry. Is this simply because he’s a Democrat and that’s what those who toe the party line do or is it something more?

Since I actually pay attention to the happenings of the government and political decisions made now that I have a say in who takes office, I have paid attention more or less to his speeches, press releases and annoying special reports that break in to my very important nightly television shows. In the majority of them, he’s made some reference to the oil and gas industry that needs its subsidies taken away or the fact that the industry has, shame on them, made a profit.

Is it only me or is anyone else confused at why during the three-plus year economic recession we’ve experienced that the oil and gas industry should be vilified for actually staying afloat and making progress in a downward economy? Or that it should be punished and strung up for public lashing by an Administration looking for a scapegoat when it’s helping to restore the economic unbalance through investments and job creation?

I came across this quote that API chief economist John Felmy said earlier this spring regarding the Obama Administration’s negative response to profits announced by the industry.

“Oil companies are not owned by space aliens, as some people would argue in Washington,” Felmy said. “They’re owned by tens of millions of Americans who have their IRAs, 401(k)s and pension funds invested in the companies.”

Is seems the President forgets that the oil and gas industry is not owned by aliens as well. With no resemblance to our green Martian friends, the industry is instead owned and run by hard-working, white-collar, blue-collar, black-collar, whatever-collar Americans you want to call them. It takes all kinds and it is made up of people from the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic and everywhere in between.

Trying to crush the industry with an iron fist because you’re in power only hurts the country you’ve sworn to protect and uphold, Mr. President. It’s time to remember who the real villains are in this world, and stop pointing the finger at those that have the power to elect – or more likely, not elect you again come 2012.


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