How postcards shaped my future and could shape yours

Ever do something in life and think to yourself, “I never imagined I would be doing this 10 years ago. What was I thinking then?” Well, here’s one of those moments for me. Nearly 15 years ago I was a homely middle school student thriving in my overalls, pigtails and much needed braces. Enter the awkward picture on the right chronicling some early high school days I’d rather forget. I was also the postcard girl for my father’s growing oil and gas accounting software business – a gig I pictured ending once my illustrious college and professional life took off.

Introducing Postcard Girl

Postcard girl, you may ask? Yes. Back in the late 90s I was the one tearing apart the four-to-a-sheet postcards and laboriously applying postage for the company’s only marketing technique at the time. It was when we offered seasonal deals off software packages and had different colored postcards for each season. I was paid to sit in front of the old school postage machine some of you may remember owning that would take 10 seconds to ink the stamp on the card, waking the dead with its loud 1900 cash register sound. Sadly, I couldn’t find a picture of myself actually doing postcards in the family scrapbook to share today.

A glamorous job? No. But easy if not mind-numbing work? Yes. I spent many holiday breaks – even in college — using postage machines, postcards stamps and page after page of addresses to make sure our postcard mailers reached the intended audience country-wide. Did I think then as I cursed the addresses on the postcards as I postaged them that I would one day actually work for SherWare in a real capacity and share a horrific picture of myself? You know what they say about karma….

The postcards get a new purpose today

Back when SherWare started, the postcards were sent to get our name out to prospective clients about our business and products. Today, we still mail postcards out periodically throughout the year but with a different purpose. And thank God, we got wise and now have someone besides me postage and address all of them!

Perhaps you’ve received a postcard from us in the past, or are holding one now which is why you are here. The purpose of our so-called “marketing tactics” is to start a conversation with you and not sell a product, but offer solutions.

That’s why as you browse our site, read our blog or talk to one of our staff members on the phone, you’ll see us asking you questions about what you’re looking for, how you want the software to work for your business and what features would rock your world.

Do my job for me

The business landscape is rapidly changing in how businesses now interact with potential clients – something both challenging and exciting for people like me who spend all day brainstorming how to better educate clients and potential clients.

My job is to educate and poke your brain for how your current solution really works for you and suggest alternatives that may work better. Here are some resources from our website that may help you learn more about what solutions we could offer.


1. Solution Center – Visit our solution center to see what solutions our software has solved for current clients. See screenshots, testimonials and case studies.

2. Do I Need This? – Download our Needs Worksheet and ask yourself and those helping you search for a new software solution these questions to help you determine if you need a new product and what it would include.

3. Information Packets – Check out the information packets on our three software products to see how they could work for you.

Accounting Manager Info Packet

Disbursement and JIB Manager Integrated Edition Info Packet (works with QuickBooks)

Disbursement and JIB Manager Info Packet

4. Blog Posts – Here are some popular posts you may have missed:

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Have a question that isn’t answered yet? Send me an e-mail or leave a comment so I can help!


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