Will return of ‘Dallas’ to TV be positive or negative boost to industry?

Although I am a child of the 80s, albeit a young child, I admit that I knew nothing about the hit TV series ‘Dallas’ until a blogger recently suggested that the series that ran from 1978-1991 tainted America’s opinion on the oil and gas industry by chronicling shady business dealings of oil tycoon and ranchman J.R. Ewing and his family.

The soap opera-like series, which included fantastic drama for television like sex scandals, wealth, unscrupulous business practices and a slew of dysfunctional family dynamics helped catapult the series into stardom after a slow start.

There’s no denying the influence the media – whether it’s through print, television or online – has on public opinion and perception, which made her comment interesting to me. For those of you who were either fans or simply knew of the show during the 80s, is it accurate to say that the series negatively influenced America’s perception of the oil and gas industry?

With a new ‘Dallas’ series slated to begin on TNT next summer, what affect, if any, do you think this series will have on the oil and gas industry now? Do you think any aspects of the political landscape the oil and gas industry faces today will be apparent in the script?

Here’s a link where you can watch the preview for the new Dallas series.

What do you remember about the show? Will it be purely entertaining to watch? Will it be filmed near any of you in Dallas?


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