SherWare Clients educate on the importance of the oil & gas industry

Next week I’ll be talking with executive director Rhonda Reda from Ohio Oil & Gas Energy Education Program to see what her organization does, what affect it has on those involved and how others can get involved. In the meantime, I’d like to share the last of the tidbits my fabulous clients shared with me on what they’ve been doing or would like to do in the future to educate those around them on the importance of our industry. With so many responses, I’ve broken it up into two posts to help you read quicker!

What, if anything, have you done personally or want to do in the future to educate the public about the importance of the oil and gas industry?

– “Our engineer participates in the Young Engineer and Scientist Yes Day at Washington State Community College for seventh and eighth graders, and we donate to Ohio Oil & Gas Energy Education Program (OOGEEP).” –Vicky

– “Whenever the opportunity presents itself, we communicate the net positive impact that domestic oil and gas production has on the local and regional economy, as well as contributing to national security, as a result of being less dependent on foreign sources of energy.” – Ed

– “I would love to bring the environmental people from back east out here to Wyoming to show them the land and what it is truly like, and that we are not hurting the land, and are actually making it better when we are done.”- Juli

– “When people find out that I work in the industry, they are interested in asking questions and are amazed to hear that fracing has been going on for many years. They thought it was something brand new.” – Tina

– “I discuss with all my friends not in the industry how we can do our job safely and environmentally friendly and help the nation at the same time.” – Mark

– “We haven’t had the opportunity to do more than just educate the people around us. Knowledge is powerful, but a little knowledge can be dangerous. We need to inform them of the benefits of what we do, not just what the news channels report. By giving someone the full picture, hopefully they will understand more of the benefits of keeping oil and gas around, versus the bits and pieces of information they have now.” – Jason

– “We support CARE, which educated the public one person at a time. Our industry can be more effective in mass media efforts, but it is still important for each of us to keep our friends and neighbors educated about the real oil and gas.” – Rickisue

– “I have a “Save Our Strippers” sticker on my flight bag. You have NO IDEA how many conversations that strikes up in the airport security line 3 days a week. A lot of people think there are just huge wells, that could do what the BP spill did, but on land. They don’t realize there are hundreds of thousands of small wells and that all adds up to a lot of oil. At the gas pumps I tell people not to keep topping off their tank and explain to them that it puts gas into the carbon canister and then may not get combusted completely and that could be a bad environmental impact. Also, my passengers are always amazed at how much fuel our gets burn (about 5,000 lbs an hour), how cheap the price of a ticket really is and how without that how long it would take them to drive across the country. People don’t realize how important oil is to our country and way of life.” – Justin

– “I help them to see what the true issues are, that it is not the companies that make up the industry, but the government policies that are largely responsible for today’s issues.” – Guthrie

Do you have anything to add that you do or would like to do?


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