SherWare Blog gets a face-lift

If you’ve checked in with us this morning, you hopefully have noticed that our blog got a face-lift overnight. Yes, don’t worry. You are on the correct site. This is still SherWare’s oil and gas blog, just with a cleaner (and prettier, right?) look and an easier-to-use interface behind the scenes for people like me.

SherWare LogoWe’ve been pretty quiet on the blog this month as we’ve been in the process of switching it over and preparing for the topics we want to cover throughout the rest of the year. Here are some of the pieces we’re hoping to release in the next few months:

– What is oil and gas accounting software, really and is it even necessary? Thoughts and ideas from our clients on how it’s made a difference in their business and why they purchased.

– How can the industry help to change public opinion from the greedy big ol’ boys persona to a truer picture of a rapidly changing industry made up of both male and female who want to deliver energy to Americans at a lower cost and protect the environment at the same time?

– A day in the life of…. What happens behind the scenes in the industry when I get to work at various jobs in your shoes for a day.

– Investing in oil. How do you invest in oil, how many investors are there and a unveiling of our new Investment Manager software.

Thanks for continuing to read our blog!


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