Let’s Face it Friday: Oil & Gas Industry Round Up – Week 7

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Happy Friday!

State seeks resolution – A U.S. District Court judge orders the Department of Interior to begin issuing permits for Gulf Coast drilling, as Louisiana’s delegation sends President Obama a letter detailing the negative impact on not only the state but the country if the delays continue.

Oil companies unveil spill containment system – Oil giants have pooled together funds to create a spill containment system with the ability to handle worse blowouts than the Deepwater Horizon well blowout nearly a year ago, with plans for an additional system able to handle twice the amount of barrels of oil and twice as deep expected later in the year.

BP Oil Spill Commission Chief Counsel Blames BP Instead of Entire Industry – This article was a fascinating read as finally someone woke up from the oil spill commission and palced the blame on BP instead of casting doubt on the entire industry. The reporter catches excerpts from chief counsel Fred Bartlit’s recently released report on the spill as well as a look at BPs culture.

Hinchey to reintroduce bill to federally regulate fracing – It’s no surprise that US Rep. Hinchey will reintroduce his co-sponsored bill to Congress to federally regulate hydraulic fracturing under the Safe Drinking Water Act. The bill is highly endorsed by, gasp, Gasland documentary filmmaker Josh Fox and actor Mark Ruffalo.

Why do the major oil companies keep making shale gas acquisitions? Because they can’t find enough oil! – The author looks at how big league oil companies have to reinvest their money to attempt to find oil and keep up with the vast majority of state owned oil companies around the world that hold onto most of the world’s oil reserves.

Does EPA want to take over regulation of Texas oil and gas? – An opinion piece out of San Angelo, Texas, about how the state’s EPA seems to be putting politics before its job to investigate and protect the environment.

The oil and gas industry and the image problem – Oil and gas executives discuss how to improve the industry’s image in wake of a bad year for publicity and problems and out of control media in 2010.


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