Let’s Face it Friday: Oil & Gas Industry Round Up – Week 6

Let's face it FridayWelcome to Let’s Face it Friday, where I distribute interesting news articles, opinion pieces, info graphics, quizzes and anything else interesting I’ve collected throughout the week about the oil and gas industry to pass on for you to enjoy over the weekend. Please feel free to share anything you read as well or throw your two cents into the articles I’ve selected.

I’ve been caught up in writing a review of Gasland that I forgot to post this! Happy Friday!

The Unintended Consequences of Obama’s “Sputnik Moment” – A fantastic article looking at how despite the camaraderie and unity that President Obama’s State of Union analogy to the space race encouraged in January, the speech may also fuel an “enemy” in China.

Arctic Oil and Gas – The Emerging Question – Will drilling become a reality in the Arctic Circle anytime soon? What countries are looking to drill up north and when, and what difficulties do they face in the future, in light of the Deepwater Horizon disaster?

Cutting Fossil Fuel Subsidies: Third Time’s the Charm? – President Obama’s just-released budget for 2012 aims to cut the subsidies he promised he would in his State of the Union address earlier this year. The reaction is expected from the oil and gas industry, but will it become a reality this year even with Republicans controlling the House?

DOE Favoring Renewables or Reality? – The author opines that perhaps renewable energy sources are the reality and that fossil fuels are on the decline, making a case for why we should be OK with President Obama’s budget reflection towards renewable energy.

Oil industry pounces on Obama’s budget request – Jack Gerard of the American Petroleum Institute states the President’ proposed budget will hurt the economy and future jobs if passed.

West Texas Lizards Causing Stir in Oil and Gas Industry – The dune sagebrush lizard, quite possibly a soon-to-be-extinct species, is causing a stir in New Mexico and West Texas as environmentalists and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Public Affairs office look into controlling the areas where they live –and where some of the biggest oil and gas production fields are.

Greenest cars? Not all are electric or hybrids – An interesting look at the top eco-friendly cars and how they are surprisingly powered.

The Academy Responds – The Academy Awards responded to the Independent Petroleum Association of America this week after its members wrote a letter asking the panel to review the documentary up for an Academy Award , Gasland, citing numerable misstated and ignored facts in the film.

Growing in Power, Natural Gas Attracts Enemies – As the need for cleaner energy sources emerges stronger each day, proponents of natural gas as that source are finding themselves in the crossfire and under demands for stronger regulations all around from environmentalist groups.

National oil leak panel grilled on findings – An editorial look at how Congress addressed members of the oil spill commission since the group released its findings.


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