The Truth about Hydraulic Fracturing: An oil & gas perspective

Hydraulic fracturing has been making a splash in the headlines in the past six months regarding everything from Congress debates regarding oil and gas industry loopholes, to illegal use of diesel fuel in fracing fluids and slanted documentaries regarding fracing natural gas wells.

hydraulic fracturingIn a series of posts throughout the rest of February, I’m going to take a look at some of the issues in the news today, as well as the infamous documentary Gasland to look at what’s fact versus hyped fiction and how it could affect the oil and gas industry.

Here’s a brief look at what the posts will contain in the next two weeks:

What is hydraulic fracturing? How does the process actually work, what happens underground when a well is drilled and what’s some of the history regarding fracing?

A review of the documentary Gasland, which is up for an Oscar (Academy Award) on February 28 in the feature-length documentary category. From research and watching the film, what are my perceptions on its accuracy and what, if any, valid points does it make?

Who gives a hoot about the Oscars? What effect, if any, does a nomination or win have on movies in the industry as far as reach, sales and notoriety? What are the other films its up against and what are its chances of winning?

Q & A with industry leaders regarding the documentary. Why does the film irk them? What affect do they hope to have in fighting its submission, why is hydraulic fracturing getting all this bad press and can it be fixed?

Those of you the industry know how imperative hydraulic fracturing is in oil and gas production in America. I look forward to hearing your response to the hydraulic fracturing debate going on in the media today.


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