Stop! Do Nothing for 2 Minutes

After waking up at the crack of dawn Saturday and jumping on an airplane with my 20-month toddler, who, while she’s an expert traveler and very well-behaved, drove me batty with incessant needs to sing and watch Elmo, I thought I’d post a little something different today.

do nothing for two minutesPerhaps you’ve seen this site already as it’s starting to make its way across the web, but the site Do Nothing For 2 Minutes is a site that quite actually forces you to do nothing for 2 minutes. The site provides a picturesque background of the ocean and you hear quiet waves crashing in the background, as it counts down for 2 minutes to get you to relax.

If your desk looks anything like mine with projects and to-do lists piled to the ceiling and an endless amount of work always waiting to be done, I found this exercise quite hard. I have to admit, I did get a big red FAIL the first time I went to the site.

If you touch your mouse or keyboard, the exercise stops and tells you you’ve failed. Now who want to fail, especially at relaxing?!

While two minutes may seem like eternity if you’re having a stressful Monday, take a quick break and enjoy the sounds of the ocean. If you close your eyes and sit near a window, you may just feel transported to an actual vacation spot.


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