Let’s Face it Friday: Oil & Gas Industry Round Up – Week 4

Let's face it fridayWelcome to Let’s Face it Friday, where I distribute interesting news articles, opinion pieces, info graphics, quizzes and anything else interesting I’ve collected throughout the week about the oil and gas industry to pass on for you to enjoy over the weekend. Please feel free to share anything you read as well or throw your two cents into the articles I’ve selected.

Happy Friday!

Articles about fracing and related topics

1. Egypt fallout – follow Exxon and T Boon Pickens; go long natural gas and frack-baby-frack – A fantastic, serious look at why natural gas is the place for us to focus our energy, (pun intended) and how it will help turn around our foreign energy dependency.

2. Diesel fuel in fracing fluid: Who can you trust? – This article by a Pittsburgh, Pa., reporter discussing how “facts” vary depending on which side of the equation you are on regarding the use of diesel fuel in fracing fluids in Texas and Pennsylvania between 2005-2009. What’s your take on her questions?

3. Drilling Industry says Diesel Use was Legal – An article discussing the industry’s view of the EPA’s claim the industry broke the law by using diesel fuel in fracing fluids and how the two sides are so different.


Articles reacting STILL to Obama’s remarks in his State of the Union address

4. ‘Big Oil’ subsidies? Words mean things. – A conservative’s (And I mean a super-conservative, so read with a grain of salt) thoughts on subsidies versus tax breaks and how it will affect oil and gas companies with President Obama’s green energy goals.

5. Obama’s Plans will Affect W. Va – Another editorial look at how President Obama’s State of  Union address last week has implications for more than the ‘big’ oil and gas companies it proposed to affect. An interesting read from strictly how it could affect one state.

6. Is Obama’s move to slash subsidies for big oil for real? – An interesting look at how the Republicans and Democrats are going to dig in regarding President Obama’s remarks during his State of the Union address in January regarding cutting subsidies to the oil and gas industry.


Other industry- related articles

7. Natural Gas: the commodity world’s ugly ‘duckling’ – An article looking at although natural gas has dismal outlook right now with the glut of supply and low prices, it will turn out a pretty good investment in the future.

8. Cap and Trade Returns from the Grave – A look at how President Obama’s strategy to focus on cap and trade hasn’t changed — just the wording and the strategy he will now try to employ it with.

9. Chinese increase oil search in U.S. – China, the country that’s energy demand is growing the most rapidly today, is looking gain access to drilling in the U.S. such as Colorado and Wyoming.

10. Egypt’s unrest sparks fears about oil – Political upheaval in a Middle Eastern country will no doubt cause price spikes and a new surge of oil and gas fears in America. This article looks at how Egypt’s unrest could affect prices in America this year and why it’s important.

11. Fueling the Future: Women in the Oil & Gas Business – An international conference for women in the oil and gas industry where women can lean about opportunities, best practices, barriers to working in this field. An interesting read in their brochure about the role women play in the industry if you don’t want to travel to Canada in March.

12. GOP members walk out on oil-and-gas talk – Could New Mexico’s recent House Energy and Natural Resources Committee meeting on environmental and energy legislation up for debate this session be a harbinger of what’s to come on a national scale for the oil and gas industry?

13. Peak Not: Running into Oil & Gas – An editorial piece looking about peak claims for oil and gas and whether it should be taken seriously or not.

14. Politicians build oil case on Egypt chaos – Politicians convene meetings and urge the president to focus on domestic drilling in light of Egypt’s unrest.

15. Gas Industry lawsuits undermine Americans’ right to know about dangerous pollution – The author discusses the lawsuits that large firms and organization such as the American Gas Association, Gas Processors Association and Chesapeake Energy Corporation have filed in the U.S. Court of Appeals regarding greenhouse gas pollution inventorying and disclosure requirements for the oil and gas industry. One question the author doesn’t answer or get a response for is why the industry opposes this. Can someone give me the oil and gas’ side for trying to appeal these requirements?

16. A giant pipeline carrying dirty oil from Canada to Texas. What could go wrong? – While the premise of this article could be very interesting, there is actually little reporting in it except for a laundry-like list of oil and gas related disasters in 2010. With no meat for this article, the only thing interesting about it is an interactive map about the proposed pipeline across the Midwest.


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