Let’s Face it Friday: Oil & Gas Industry Round Up – Week 3

Let's Face it FridayWelcome to Let’s Face it Friday, where I distribute interesting news articles, opinion pieces, info graphics, quizzes and anything else interesting I’ve collected throughout the week about the oil and gas industry to pass on for you to enjoy over the weekend. Please feel free to share anything you read as well or throw your two cents into the articles I’ve selected.

This was a busy week in the industry – enjoy all the news and happy Friday!

Articles related to domestic production in America and how new policies may affect that reality

1. Citing gas prices, oil industry calls for expanded U.S. oil drilling

2. API: US demand grows, but policies may stymie production


Industry reaction to the President’s State of Union Address earlier this week

3. Big Oil: ‘The Administration seems poised to stifle our job-creating industry’

4. La. Reaction a mix of praise, protest

5. US gas industry finds mixed message in Obama’s energy priorities


Industry reaction the federal spill report’s value and credibility

6. Federal spill report not credible

7. The oil spill commissioner’s anti-oil bias


8. Oil industry finds itself in the President’s and West Coast’s crosshairs – (radio bit) This radio piece looks at how a bill introduced in Congress to permanently ban new oil drilling off the Pacific coast and the President’s call to end oil subsidies were two hits for the oil and gas industry this week and what the industry’s response will be

9. Oil patch shows no signs of slowing down – North Dakota’s oil industry has nearly tripled in size thanks to the state’s recently-found oil patch with indications it will only keep rising

10. Global natural gas demand set to soar – This article sets some interesting specifics into how the gas market will look in the future and what role China will play in boosting it.

11. Exxon: Global gasoline demand to fall over 20 years – Another predictive article that looks at how the energy-per-capita will remain the same or higher in America until 2030, fuel efficiency improvements in the U.S. and Europe will make the gasoline demand drop significantly.

12. Oil & Gas Industry Outlook – January 2011 – This heavily-jargoned articled is one that should only be attempted by those deeply entrenched in the industry’s language and is offers technical insight into the market nationally and globally.

13. Oil & Gas Industry Expert: Hydrocarbons are still leaking out from the reservoir – (Radio bit) – This 2-minute radio bit covers part of an interview with Tom Termotto about BK Lim, a veteran geohazards specialist with 30 years experience in the inudstry’s letter to Congress regarding his concerns about the Gulf of Mexico because of the DeepWater drilling fiasco. For those who are actually involved in this field – what are your thoughts?

14. Permit delays may threaten deepwater gulf future, new study says – How the government’s feet-dragging over issue gulf drilling permits will hurt the economy and Gulf Coast’s drilling future

15. Interior hits back at oil industry over deepwater permits – Related to the article above, this article explains the Interior’s Bureau of Ocean Energy Mangement, Regulation and Enforcement says they haven’t been issuing permits

16. Marcellus Shale ‘key’ to W.Va’s future – Industry leaders say natural gas play could be a bigger boon for the stat than coal has been.

17. EPA posts Frack rules without explanation; oil & gas industry cries foul – A lawyer discovers the EPA’s new rules on fracking the organization made by simply posting it on its website without explanation or notification. How does the new change affect you? Is this something you’ve even been made aware of yet?

18. New capability Development Strategies for Global Oil & Gas – Information on an Oil & Gas Capability Summit looking at how to deal with  growing project work and a lack of highly qualified staff to keep production up and stay safe.

19. Analysis: Texas O&G Production Grows; coal still vital to energy needs – A look at how Texas accounts for more than half of U.S. domestic oil and natural gas production according to a recent study, with coal not far behind.

20. The myth of speculative demand for oil – A slightly sarcastic look at how oil commodities differ from trading stocks and bonds and how that affects what investors take in pocket and how the invest in the future.

21. Oil is the New Gold – How oil is catching the eye of investors again, driving prices up and rallying the stock market a bit.


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