Easiest tax solution ever: File taxes on your iPhone

As companies across America are frantically trying to pull together W-2s to mail out in the next week or so (except for you procrastinators who will choose to defer the process until a week from now and consider getting that extension again), here’s a proposition to consider: File your taxes from your phone.

Snap Tax AppHas this thought blown your mind yet? Intuit, yes the same company that owns QuickBooks and TurboTax, has released a new iPhone app meant to rock, and likely simplify, your stress-laden tax season. The app, which you can pick up from Apple’s app store here, is free to download. Users only have to pay $14.99 upon completion when they are ready to e-file their state and federal taxes, which is actually cheaper than using Turbo Tax’s free online tax product, as state filings typically cost about $36 online.

The caveat of the app is that it is only for simple tax returns: Those with annual income of less than $80K for individuals or less than $100K for married couples, you can’t have any dependents and you can’t have any home or real estate ownership.

I’m sure tax accountants across the globe are shuddering as I write this, but I can’t help but be awed. In a world where convenience and speed is EVERYTHING, this app just screams amazing. To file your taxes you simply take a photo with your iPhone of your W-2 form. The app scans the fields and fills them in. Once all the fields are filled in, you can go through each field and manually check for accuracy.

You answer some questions about your habits and preferences, like you would with any other Turbo Tax product, then review, save your file as a PDF to print for your records, pay your $14.99 (price good through March 25 only) and submit your taxes through its e-file system.

How much easier can it get? Released last week, the review already as 4.5 stars from its 140 reviewers – which surprisingly is higher than many other apps I’ve looked at in Apple’s store. As I sadly don’t meet two of the requirement, (less than $100K and no dependents – just kidding! I wish I made more than $100K), I can’t use this awesome app this year.

Anyone tempted to give it a try? Should I remind you say April 12 to see if there are any takers? If you do use this app, please let me know how it worked so I can pass it on.

Let the tax season begin!


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