Need a new career in the oil and gas industry?

Ever felt like perhaps you weren’t in the right career path? You’re not alone. Career counseling organizations such as LifeTwo and life coaches (who wouldn’t want to hire a life coach?) now predict that people could have as many as three to seven careers in their lifetime and that almost half of working adults today are not completely satisfied with the requirements, lack of flexibility risk and pay grade at their current job.

oil and gas careersAs I’ve discussed in other posts or provided links to in my Let’s Face it Friday Round Up, the oil and gas industry is facing a shortage of people wanting to begin careers in the industry around the world. With environmental groups swaying opinions and governments pushing to abandon oil and gas resources and search for renewable ones, the opportunities shrink for oil and gas industry icons nearing retirement to pass on their experience and wisdom on the industry’s ups and downs to Generation Y adults, like myself.

A petroleum human resources organization based in Canada has created this interesting interactive tool that helps you find a career specifically in the oil and gas industry based on your answers to questions such as do you prefer office or hands-on work, and what types of hours and locations you prefer to work. The career awareness quiz offers insight into these broad fields in the industry: laborers, operators, trades, technicians, technologists, geosciences, engineers, marine and specialty business.

While this in no way should shape your career path, it’s an interesting tool that not only educates people on the many career opportunities that exist in the oil and gas industry, but it is also a useful for those in the industry to learn more about other opportunities in the field.

The career quiz allows you to click on career options and read about the work involved, schooling requirements and other related careers in that field. The website that promotes the tool,, gives information about the industry, pay benefits, job searching tips and career options featuring videos, case studies and articles.

What are other organizations doing in the industry to promote itself to young adults, looking for a career path? What could your business do to encourage the next generation to participate in our industry?


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