Let’s Face it Friday: Oil & Gas Industry Round Up

Let's Face it Friday SeriesIt’s a new year and time for a new series. This year I am implementing Let’s Face it Friday, where I distribute interesting news articles, opinion pieces, info graphics, quizzes and anything else interesting I’ve collected throughout the week about the oil and gas industry to pass on for you to enjoy over the weekend. Please feel free to share anything you read as well or throw your two cents into the articles I’ve selected.

Happy Friday!

News on President Obama’s commission and final report on the gulf oil spill

1. Oil spill panel’s ideas face political, industry resistance

2. Oil spill panel calls for reforms, fees

3. Missed Opportunity: Spill Commission Rejected by Drillers: Opinion article that interestingly points out the fact that oil and gas industry leaders were absent from the commission.

4. Experts disagree on spill report: Perspectives from oil and gas industry experts on the president’s commission and final report.

Texas Railroad Commission Changes

5. Whistle of change blows for agency

6. Texans speak out on changes the Texas Railroad Commission needs to make: Interesting article from Texas that may ruffle a few feathers on some of the state’s residents’ opinion on the Texas RRC.

Other industry news

7. Gulf Oil Industry Overhaul Needed to Protect Sea Turtles: Interesting perspective on changes the industry should make for sea turtles.

8. Trans-Alaska pipeline being restarted, oil to begin flowing again: News about one of the country’s domestic oil supplier’s pipe being restarted after a three-day leak in Alaska.

9. Natural-gas firms increase output in quest for oil:  Insight from a consultant into natural gas prices for the future

10. Chinese-Language Energy Periodical Bridges Oil & Gas Industry to Asian Markets: Canada’s approach to globalize its oil and gas sector in Asia.

Global oil and gas news

(I promise you’ll find them intriguing given the politics involved in the oil and gas industry in America)

11. Oil sector’s career reputation ‘needs to be rebuilt’: Scotland’s oil and gas industry struggles as high-profile environmental campaigns in the country leave engineering graduates seeing no future in the industry and instead turning to renewable alternatives. (interesting read on the effect environmental campaigns has on public perception)

12. Survey highlights the importance of raising oil and gas industry’s profile: Similarly to what Scotland is discovering, the UK’s survey on oil and gas needs in the country raises fears that their profile has been kept low for too long.


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