10 Oil & Gas Apps for your iPad and iPhone

We’ve all seen the commercials Apple has banked much of its marketing on in the past year or so, with the highly recognizable voice saying, “There’s an app for that” and “There’s even an app for that,” demonstrating the innumerable ways Apple’s rapidly-dominating products including the iPad, iPhone and iPod make life easier with all the things you can do with one. Well ladies and gentlemen, let me tell you: there are even some apps for the oil and gas industry.

Oil & gas iPad appsWith literally hundreds of thousands of apps available, the possibilities of how you could fill your time either productively or not are endless. As a recent iPad owner, I’ve been overwhelmed with the ways I can integrate my iPad into my work life – allowing me to work on the go so much easier.

Here are 10 oil & gas related apps that perhaps, can you help your work on the go be more productive and easier as well.

*Disclaimer: I’ve actually been using all the apps I’ve noted as free, but haven’t tested all the ones that cost anything.*

Oil & Gas News

Cost: Free

Description: This app was created by the Louisiana Oil & Gas Association and provides current national & local news about the oil and gas industry and association news related to the Haynesville Shale.

Review: While this app is primarily designed for the iPhone, it still functions just fine on the iPad. The only issue with operating it on the iPad is that the size of the app the same size as the iPhone app would be, making it slightly smaller than what is easy to read. The app does have a feature that allows you to zoom in 2x, making it fill the whole screen, but it makes the graphics blurry and not easy to read.

If I lived in Louisiana, this would be the first app I downloaded simply because it has a wealth of knowledge specifically for those in the Haynesville Shale area and for those involved in the association. With that being said, the News & Updates section of this app is loaded with fantastic articles that are frequently updated on a variety of topics from across the nation, including editorial and opinion pieces I find very interesting to read. If for nothing else than this feature, I would highly recommend it to all those in the industry wanting a clean looking and easy way to read a variety of pieces about our industry.

The Oil & Gas Journal

Cost: Free (For the App)

Description: The is the iPad/iPhone/iPod version of the Oil & Gas Journal magazine and it features a digital version of what the actual magazine and newsletters look like, including technical and specialty articles, statistics and critical news analysis.

Review: To actually be able to use this app, you have to be a digital subscriber of the Oil & Gas Journal magazine, which right now is running at about $50 for the year. You can view thumb-size images of all the pages, but to actually be able to read anything, you have to sign in.

Personally, I’ve never really enjoyed this magazine just because it has such as global focus and most of what I do on a daily basis is focused on the United States and local area. If you are a digital subscriber to this magazine and appreciate all the news worldwide about the oil and gas industry as a whole, then this would be a great app because the graphics are phenomenal and it will be very easy to read on the go. If you aren’t willing to be a subscriber, then this app isn’t for you.

Oil & Gas

Price: Free

Description: This business app gives you up-to-date crude and natural gas prices on the market, as well as the current share of Dow Jones and NASDAQ, showing any changes and what percentage the prices are raising for falling.

Review: This app is super easy to use; you simply open it and it refreshes with the most recent price. For a quick way to view the price at any given time, this is a simple, no-fuss app put out by Arrow Engine Company.

TexasT – Oil & gas Conversions

Price: $5.99

Description: This app allows you use its converting tools for all the elements involved in the oil and gas industry including crude oil, ethane, butane, petroleum coke, as well as volume and metrics calculations.

Baker Hughes Rig Count

Price: Free

Description: This app displays an interactive map of the United States showing all the rigs for oil, gas and thermal that Baker Hughes has drilled. The map allows you to zoom in to any area and drill down specifically for one type of product at a time, depth of rigs, well type, location and trajectory. There are also several views of a Standard map and a Satellite version.

Review: I have no idea what I would use this application for personally, but it is super cool, so I’m keeping it installed on my iPad. I love that you can change the parameters to search how you want and see the vast number of rigs the company has across the country. I recommend this free download even if you only keep it one day, just to see how cool it is to interact with this map.

Schlumberger Oilfield Glossary

Price: Free

Description: This app lets you look up any word imaginable related to the oil and gas industry. You type in the word and it brings up a list of possibilities that begin with those letters.

Review: I found this app extremely helpful. Not being out in the field since I deal with the computer scene of the oil and gas industry, I don’t know a lot of the lingo operators and accountants use when discussing how their business operates. This glossary allows me to look up any word and see a good definition of it, as well as any pictures that are related, if the are available. For those who ever need to look up a word related to the industry, I would highly recommend it.

Oilfield Pipe Volume

Price: $0.99

Description: If you ever have a need to calculate the volume or capacity of a pipe, then this app is for you. Designed for oilfield personnel, this app lets you input the inside diameter and height or depth of the pipe, then you choose the units that you need the volume in and let it calculate it for you.

Natural Gas Royalty Calculator

Price: $1.99

Description: This app is a tool that lets you estimate natural gas royalty income based on your royalty interest, natural gas wellhead price, well production rate, the number of acres in the production unit and the number of production acres in the unit that belong to you.

History of Petroleum

Price: $0.99

Description: This reference app gives you history, images and stories about the petroleum industry.

Pipeline Regulations

Price: $12.99

Description: This reference app gives you a handbook on select pipeline regulations from CFR 49 to take with you on the go. The parts included in this app are:

– 40- For Transportation Workplace Drug and Alcohol Testing Programs

– 190- Pipeline Safety Programs and Rulemaking Procedures

– 191- Transportation of Natural Gas and Other Gas by Pipeline; Annual Reports, Incident Reports and Safety-Related Condition Reports

– 192- Transportation of Natural Gas and Other Gas by Pipeline: Minimum Federal Safety Standards

– 193- Liquified Natural Gas Facilities: Federal Safety Standards

– 194- Response Plans for Onshore Oil Pipelines

– 195- Transportation of Hazardous Liquids by Pipeline

– 198- Regulations for Grants to Aid State Pipeline Safety Programs

– 199- Drug and Alcohol Testing

These are the 10 most useful I’ve found so far. You’ll notice that there isn’t anything related to the oil and gas accounting industry, so perhaps in a future post, you’ll hear me announcing a SherWare app for your oil and gas accounting you can take on the go too.

Have you used any of these apps? Are there any that I haven’t seen yet that should be added to this let? Let me know.


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