Sustaining a dating relationship with your software company – Part 2

In the last post we looked at some logistics of dating your oil and gas software company.

You could now say that we are in a committed dating relationship. You’ve purchased our software and have begun to install and use it. Are you still feeling as gushy and lovey dovey towards us as you were when you first decided to purchase?  We hope so and here’s why:

dating your software companyStatistics show that it is five times more expensive to attract new clients, than it is to keep the current ones you have happy. Not only is it economical to make sure we keep our clients happy from when they purchase throughout the lifetime of the product – but our business depends on it. You are the ones who make our business grow through networking and spreading the word about us to others. It’s vital to our future to offer the best service possible.

So how do we make the relationship last?

Maintaining a committed relationship takes time, effort and mutual respect. For those of us at SherWare, this means continually investing in the relationship by providing you with our three heavy-hitters, as I’ll call them, principles that we won’t budge on for anything: a product that works and works well, offering superior support to help through any rough patches, and helping you understand how to use our product best for your specific business.

To start, it’s important that we get to know you. We know when we talk to you on the phone or work with you through e-mails that you have a family, perhaps an annoying co-worker that bugs you and a list a mile long of things to get done yesterday – you’re a real person and we’ll treat you like one.

It’s also about keeping in contact with you. We strive to keep in contact through e-mails, periodic surveys, newsletters, giveaways, seminars, User Conferences, etc. You’ve all heard married couples spout that the other person makes them a better person. It’s true in our case. Being around our clients, understanding their questions, hearing how they use our product at their business and helping to foster other relationships with our client base, helps us to be a better software company. We value your opinion and will often ask for your input.

To keep the spark alive, we want to continually offer new things to you: new ways to learn the software, new networking opportunities, new features and products, better ways to contact us, an easier way to contact us, etc. If we only keep on doing the same old thing and never improve, we’ll get old fast.

When we hit a rocky patch, as many relationships do – no matter how benign or severe, we make sure we deal with problems immediately and up front. We systematically work through any support incidents as soon as a fast as we can. If we see an emergency crop up, you can know that we will all be pitching in to make sure it’s resolved immediately.

The flip side of dealing with problems is that we have to know about them. Please keep us informed if you run into an issue or have something that needs dealt with immediately. It doesn’t help anyone if you can use the product as you need to, and we can’t correct it without knowing about it.

We at SherWare want to be “The One” for your oil and gas accounting needs, and we’re committed to doing whatever we can to make sure we offer you the best product, service and support available. Want to go grab a cup of coffee?


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