Dating your oil and gas software company – Part 1

My brother recently started dating someone new, which has led to me receiving humorous questions about where to go for a date, funny things the new girlfriend has said, gushy quips about how perfect the girl is, etc.

dating your software companyBeing the “wise” older sister that I am, (read: married), he seeks answers to questions from me such as how do you make the relationship last, do you always feel this way about them and how do I keep her liking me this much?

To me, memory lane is a funny thing. Can anyone else conjure up happy feelings and thoughts from when you first began dating someone significant? You know – someone you thought could be “The One”? You get butterfly feelings in your stomach when you get a glimpse of them far off, you can giddily talk for hours about nothing every day and be thrilled about it; you laugh at all their jokes, you spend every waking moment possible with them or thinking about them. Could life ever get better, you think to yourself?

As I found myself answering some of his questions, I began thinking in parallel to my role at SherWare as someone who deals with customer satisfaction. If I consider our clients in a dating relationship with SherWare, then my brother’s woeful dating questions can also apply to how I relate to my clients.

Like most relationships, it all begins with something that catches your eye or something you’ve hear about us. Perhaps it is from another client telling you why they like SherWare’s oil and gas accounting software, or maybe you see online that we’re the only oil and gas program that integrates with QuickBooks.

That could be enough to interest you into seeing what SherWare’s all about. Is the company really as smooth and attractive as they all say?

You get to know us a little bit by checking out the website and chatting with some members of SherWare’s team.

We begin to do the get-to-know-you dance. You ask us a little bit about how we work and how we can work for you; we find out where you’re located, what you’re interested in and how can we help you best.

Like most budding relationships, we’re charming, we answer your questions and we’re helpful. It’s enough to make a commitment and purchase SherWare’s software.

But as I’m sure you all too well know, it takes a lot of effort and time to pursue and attract new clients. So, what happens when the dazzle wears off, and we’re in this relationship for the long haul?

Read in my next post five “dating tips” for making the relationship last between us and our clients.


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