Let SherWare help you cross off a few year-end goals – Part 3

In the previous two posts, we looked at two year-end goals some of you might still have on your list regarding researching oil and gas software and making a decision about whether to purchase a program.

setting year-end goalsToday, we’ll look at the third goal in this related list:

Goal 3 – Implement a new oil and gas accounting system:

If you want to be up and running by the beginning of the year, let us help you achieve that goal.

Once you make a decision on purchasing SherWare’s software, here is how we can get you ready to go buy January.

–          We send out hard copies of the software and e-mail you links to begin downloading everything directly from SherWare’s servers, the same day that we receive payment for your software.

–          Upon purchasing the software, you are assigned to a trained support technician and enrolled in our New Client Consulting Program that gives you five hours of free training on a one-on-one basis with your support technician. Learn how to set up your software correctly and learn how to use the program from the beginning so you are ready to go in January with your first distribution in the new year.

–          Worried about not implementing it in time? SherWare programmers can convert your data to your SherWare program to save you time from entering past history – and to help you get up to speed from the minute you start. Read more about our conversion services.

From learning about our company and products – to helping you make an informed decision and getting the software up and going as soon as possible, SherWare staff can help  you cross one more business goal off your list for the year.

Contact me if you have any questions or would like to get started!


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