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Let SherWare help you cross off a few year-end goals – Part 1

In 33 days January will begin and bring in a new year full of fresh starts, new beginnings and a sense of hope. Did I manage to hit all of the new year clichés? setting year-end goalsIf you’re anything like me, you’ll find yourself thinking you should probably create some goals for this next year – not only personal goals, but business goals. Things you want to accomplish, how many new clients you hope to have, what you want to improve on and change…just to name a few.

This isn’t a reminder to set yourself some goals before January rolls in. Instead, consider this your reminder of perhaps some of the goals you set for 2010.  We often are contacted by potential clients during this time of the year because they’ve realized the rush is on to get a new oil and gas accounting software system implemented before the end of the year – or perhaps they just want to make a decision by year end.

Here is where we come in. In the next few posts I’m going to discuss three goals you may want to reach before the end of the year.

Goal 1 – Research oil and gas accounting products.

If you haven’t down so already, please look through our site at the three oil and gas accounting software products we offer. All products handle the disbursement and joint interest billing side of the software the same way – the difference is in what type of accounting system you want to handle your distributions.

Here’s a brief overview of the three products:

–          Accounting Manager: A fully integrated accounting system that directly ties your accounting side (general ledger, accounts payable/receivable, invoicing, profit & loss statements) to your distribution side (revenue distributions, owners, wells, interests, joint interest billing, AFEs) in one program.

–          Disbursement and JIB Manager Integrated Edition (DMIE): A revenue distribution and joint interest billing software that integrates directly with your company’s QuickBooks company. Enter data in SherWare and watch them automatically save into QuickBooks at the same time.

–          Disbursement and JIB Manager: A stand alone revenue distribution and joint interest billing software to handle the oil and gas side of your business. No accounting is involved with this program. It simply allows you to track your revenue distributions and then it automatically disburses it to your owners.

In 2011, we will be introducing the Investment Manager, an oil and gas investment program that allows an oil & gas investors to track revenue and expenses from wells they have invested in.

Download a free information packet to get a glimpse at how the products work, what reports look like and pricing options.

Next post, we’ll take a look at making a decision on an oil and gas accounting software.

SherWare takes time to be thankful

As I eagerly look ahead in the week to that glorious day when I stuff myself silly with turkey, dressing, crescent rolls and all those delicious side dishes and desserts that make the Thanksgiving meal a feast to remember, I thought I would take a minute to reflect on the “Thanksgiving” part of the day.

thanksgivingTis the season to be thankful for what we’ve been given, even in a year where it seems like it’s hard to come up with a list. Not only has the oil and gas industry taken some pretty hard hits this year with the Deepwater Horizon well explosion and leak, but with new EPA requirements, government stances and local battles across the country, but the economy, job market and overall happiness of our nation seems to be dragging as well as another year passes.

I discovered this quote by William Arthur Ward this week and found it appropriate to frame my thoughts: “Gratitude can transform common days into thanksgivings, turn routine jobs into joy, and change ordinary opportunities into blessings.”

As you prepare to gather around the table on Thursday with family and friends to partake in this deliciously-overwhelming holiday, take a minute to reflect on what you’re thankful this season, in regard to your business and life.

Here are three quick thoughts that I am thankful for:

– A job. As simple as it seems and as much as I sometimes dread coming into work (I mean, who doesn’t?), I’m thankful for a place to work where I can help others and earn money for my family.

– That everyone is still in the SherWare family. With businesses across the country cutting back, I’m thankful that SherWare hasn’t had to even think about laying off staff.

– How many of you fill up my inbox with questions and comments about our software, blog and company in general. It’s always exciting to have a new person to meet and connect with.

Have a happy and wonderful Thanksgiving holiday!