How does the oil & gas industry affect your state?

Political rhetoric and candidates across the country fill the radio and TV with commercials, debates and campaigns all promising to fix Washington and provide states with new jobs; jobs that will stay. I don’t even have to know their names to know that this is the platform a majority of candidates are running on this November.oil and gas jobs

Perhaps its time for some good news on jobs, at least good news for how our industry is helping the workforce.

I came across this blog yesterday about how the oil and gas industry is helping America’s economy in the workplace. The author, Jane Van Ryan, senior communications manager and new media advisor at the American Petroleum Institute, published this blog article with some interesting facts on how our industry is boosting the economy in terms of jobs from oil and gas businesses.

Click here to watch a one-minute informative video on just how many jobs the oil and gas industry provides in states across the country.

Some of the states she focuses on include Louisiana, Texas, Colorado and New Mexico. But what about the others that produce oil and gas? How is the oil and gas industry affecting your state? How important is the industry to its economy?

And even more importantly, how can we use this information to educate those in our state on the importance of promoting oil and gas development and exploration in the United States?


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