Happy National Oil & Gas Appreciation Day!!

Everyone’s heard of those random holidays you swear someone made up just so they could celebrate something such as National Nothing Day on January 16, National Shrimp Scampi Day on April 29 and International Moment of Frustration Scream Day on October 12.

But did you know that today is National Petroleum Day or National Oil & Gas Appreciation Day as we’ll call it? Here are a few interesting facts about oil and gas in the United States from the United States Department of Energy Information Administration as we celebrate everything oil and gas has done for us since it’s discovery.national oil and gas appreciation day

– This week the price per barrel of oil in dollars was $72.28. Last year the price was $68.52. Ten years ago the price was $27.88

– There are 672 cups (think household measuring cups) in a oil barrel

– The first commercial oil well was drilled in Titusville, Pennsylvania.

– Signal Hill, California, had one of the most productive fields per acre the world as ever known when oil was first discovered there in the early 1920s when Shell Oil Company’s well Alamitos #1 erupted. Soon the hill was covered with hundreds of oil derricks and became known as “porcupine hill” because of its appearance from a distance.

– Last year the top crude oil-producing states were: Texas, Alaska, California, Louisiana and North Dakota

– One barrel of crude oil, when refined, produces 19 gallons of motor fuel, 10 gallons of diesel and other petroleum products such as ink, crayons, bubble gum, deodorant, CDs, tires and heart valves.

– The wellhead price of gas in May 2010, per thousand cubic feet, was $4.04. In May 2008, the price was $3.45, and 10 years ago it was $3.04.

– Twenty-five percent of the energy used in the United States came from natural gas in 2009. Natural gas is used to produce, steel, paper, glass, brick and electricity.

– A little more than 50 percent of the houses in the United States use natural gas for their main heating fuel. The top consuming natural gas states in 2008 were Texas, California, Louisiana, New York, Illinois and Florida.

Have any other interesting facts you’d like to share?


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