Part Four: Are the software’s benefits worth the price?

This is the last installment in our four-part blog about some of the questions and fears we have regarding when we have to switch software, and how it helps if the software company you’re looking at can resolve those fears before you decide to purchase.Is software worth the price?

Other questions we’ve looked at include: Isn’t it going to be a pain to switch all of my current data and history to your software program? Do I really want to learn a new program? Is it easy enough to figure out or can I be satisfied with what I have? And our last post, What if I don’t like the software once I start using it?

Today let’s talk a little bit about weighing benefits versus cost. I’m the type of person where once I make up my mind to do or buy something, I’m going to do it come hell or high water, and I find ways to justify my decision. Perhaps you are stubborn determined like this too, or maybe it takes a little bit of convincing for you to jump on board something.

To spend money on a larger purchase, I usually have criteria going into the purchase on what I want the product to have for sure, a few things that would be nice bonuses, a deal-breaker or two that I can’t live without and then a general price range that I don’t want to exceed.

If you’ve read all four posts about switching software and can see why I’m in this predicament, you’ll understand that I’ve learned the first thing on that list to go when I’m buying something is my budget. If I can find something that A)I really, really want/and sometimes need B) fits everything I’m looking for and C) I don’t see any red flags not to proceed except for price, what usually happens is I jump in immediately and buy it or my husband hides my wallet.

Seriously though, I’ve never been able to put a hard price on something that will make my life easier or more fun. For these purposes, this money tracking and budgeting software will probably not make my life anymore fun, but if it can stop me from worrying if I’ve overspent in a budget category, or if it allows me to see how much money I have in each account anytime, anywhere (like my phone that’s attached to me), then it’s worth whatever price they tell me. (Within reason, you and I understand that we’re not about the break the bank just to buy budgeting software).

Buying our software should reflect similar thoughts for you. When considering SherWare’s oil and gas accounting software, ask yourself these questions and answer them honestly:

1. Does the software have the ability to do everything I need and/or want it to do?

2. Is there anything I wish it could do, or hope it can do, that will make the thought of buying it even better?

3. What are my deal breakers in purchasing oil and gas software? What can’t I live without?

4. Will purchasing this software in the end make my life/job/work environment (easier) You fill in the blank here?

5. Does it fit within my budget I’ve set, or am I willing to purchase it anyways regardless of price if I’ve answered yes to #4?

If you’ve answered these questions yes to all the Yes/No questions and come up with answers that satisfy you for #2 and #3 without seeing any deal breakers, then you’re probably in the right place and frame of mind to purchase our software.

If the software isn’t 100% what you want and you aren’t 100% sure about the price or willing to spend it regardless of what your budget looks like, then wait until you can answer yes to all these questions and don’t see any deal breakers or consider looking elsewhere for a product that will better fit your needs.

I guarantee that if the money tracking software I’m looking for fits my criteria without throwing a red flag, as well as resolves the four questions we’ve looked at, then I will be purchasing it pronto.

What do you think? Are these questions a fair assessment of some of the concerns that you encounter when you’re switching software?

We’ve created an Evaluating Needs worksheet that helps to answer the above questions when deciding if you are ready for our software.

Download it now to see for yourself, if you think you are ready for a new software program yourself.(All links in this blog will download the worksheet to your Download Folder)

Is there any other questions I should also be considering too? Let me know!


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