Why It’s OK to Switch Software Products: Part One

Switching Software: Part One

I’m in the process of switching software programs for how I track my money. Well to clarify, I’m actually in the process of finding a software program to switch to first – if I’m not too chickeSwitching Software to  Use on My Phonen to do it.

Now don’t get me wrong, I can budget on spreadsheets with the best of them. I can even seem to squeeze money out of places I never thought possible. But all my efforts and number crunching doesn’t do me any good if I can’t figure out what I’m wasting my money on and see how much money I have in my bank account at anytime without having to wait for my statement.

My ideal program would probably be an online program since I am always on the Internet. It also would be amazing if I could look up my balances, see my transactions, and heck, even my budget all on my phone. Now these seem like pretty simple requests, and I am finding products that fit my criteria. My problem is getting past my fears of switching.

The benefits of switching are: The program is easier to use than what I currently do. It has more features I want, including access on my phone and online. In sum – it just makes my life easier.

Here is why I’m hesitant:

Isn’t it going to be a pain to switch all of my accounts, budgeting information and login info over?

Do I really want to learn a new program? Is it easy enough to figure out or can I be satisfied with what I have?

What if I don’t like it, once I start using it?

Are those benefits really worth the price to me?

You see, until I can find the answers to my questions above, I’m really still not sold on the product, no matter how amazing it sounds.

If I’m like that over budgeting and tracking my money, why wouldn’t others have the same concerns and questions about our own software?

Over the next few blog posts, I’ll address these questions about SherWare’s oil and gas accounting software. No matter how cool or easy our software may appear, if we can’t help you get over your fears of buying and what happens next, what good is the software going to do?

Is it going to be a pain to switch all of my current data and history to your software program?

In a nutshell: NO! We understand the pain that comes with having to start over with a new program. We offer data conversion as a service to help you get your current data in whatever format you have it in, (i.e. spreadsheets, other oil and gas programs) into our program as quickly and painlessly as possible.

You can work with our programmers to get the data you want converted switched over before you begin using the program. This will not only save you time, but the headache of having to manually re-enter all your investors, interests, wells, past data, etc. into our software.

Most clients who have their data converted can usually get it done for less than $500, and the majority for even cheaper.

Find out more information about our data conversion services.

Next time, I’ll discuss the training and learning involved with our software and what FREE training we offer to get you started on the right foot.


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