Invest in Oil & Gas Software that Scales With Your Growth

When the decision is made to migrate your operation to a modern system, it is important to seek out a program that you will be able to use with a high level of satisfaction for a long time. Selecting a program that will scale with your company will prevent you from Depositphotos_13185291_original.jpghaving to go through this change again in the future. Here is a short list of characteristics that are an indication that a software program will scale with the growth of your company.


The presence of many options and features allows you to handle many different situations as you can adapt the setup for each situation that arises. A rigid program that limits your data entry, processing, and corrections will force you to either change your process, or handle special situations outside the program.

Options available at every level will increase the amount of unique situations that can be handled seamlessly with a normal routine. The availability of optional modules can also allow you to add common capabilities that are needed among some but not all operators. You can skip these while you are small, then add them as needed while your operation develops.

Network Capability

Many smaller operators will have one person that handles everything while larger operators may have whole departments designated for various tasks. Growing companies are often adding new employees which results in a need for additional computers with access to the distribution. Be sure to select a software that can easily accommodate installation on a server and any additional workstations as they are needed. A solid security process that allows the setup of multiple users with access to designated areas of the software is also a necessity.

Learning Curve

New employees will quickly need to be brought up to speed so they can become proficient with the distribution process in a short time. Select a software that offers a variety of platforms for training and support.

General video tutorials can give an overview of the program while Help Files and manuals can allow a new user to dig into the depths of a particular feature.

Live web training provides for a one on one discussion that allow an expert to guide the trainee through the process the first time while efficiently answering any questions that they have.

On-Site training can be helpful in some situations when a group is being trained, but it is often costly and not as effective as several one on one web based sessions with one or two trainees.

A knowledgeable support desk is also a huge benefit as it will allow you to quickly resolve any questions or issues that arise during the process. Seek out a software that provides all or most of these tools to ensure smooth transitions as new employees are added.

The unique deals that are made in the oil and gas industry on a regular basis can create challenges that no software program or process would have ever dreamt up. Some software companies are willing to create custom processes and reports for just your company.

A willingness to work with the user and create custom processes will assure you that you
will be able to tackle any new challenges that appear.


Selecting a program with an advanced reporting module that gives you the ability to create your own reports is also a key feature for growing companies.

A software program with the above features are a necessity as you transition into a new program. They will provide peace of mind that you are ready to handle anything that comes your way as your company develops over the next few decades.

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