How Adding Optional Modules to Software Will Save You Money

A variety of processes are managed by oil and gas operators that require more management than just the normal distribution of revenue and expenses. These processes are sometimes complex enough that a whole new software program is used to manage all that is involved with it.

Many of these tasks like Delay Rental Payments, Authorization for Expenditure (AFE), Free House Gas, and State Reporting requirements are needed for many operators. Since these processes are so common among operators many distribution programs include optional modules that accommodate the management needed for each.

This allows you to handle multiple tasks within one software program instead of having to purchase a completely separate program to manage just this one aspect of your operation. A simple add-on is typically all that is needed and is much cheaper then purchasing a complete software program that was wholly designed for a specific process.

Smaller companies will often just handle the few situations that they need to manage with spreadsheets. This sometimes seems cheaper, however these are less professional looking and can be timely to use and update as your company grows. Mistakes are often made with spreadsheets and these can quickly become costly in terms of both money and public image.

The time spent managing your spreadsheets should also be considered since the labor will affect your bottom line and sometimes you just don’t have the extra time to complete certain tasks. When mistakes, public image, labor, and peace of mind are all factored in, it quickly becomes obvious that the cost of an add-on module is a huge savings over the assumed free spreadsheet processes that we often encounter.

A simple add-on module allows for better historical records, a more professional look, and any costs are typically recouped in only a few months.

Some of the optional modules SherWare offers clients include:


Land Management/Delay Rental Payments

House Gas


Direct Deposit

Online Reporting

Offsite Backup

MICR Check Printing

Document Manager

Advanced Reporting (build your own reports)

Cloud Version of the Software

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Source: SherWare Blog

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